How Program Planning Works


Program planning is the foundation of a solid program. Proper planning gives a program the best chance of success, delivery as anticipated, and meeting time requirements. The right amount of attention must be given to program planning in order for it to be viable. Investing time in program planning is an essential part of all program management strategies. Let’s take a look at the basic concept behind program planning and what it strives to achieve.


Program Planning


Individual Projects


Program planning begins with the planning of individual projects that comprise the program. This involves allocating and distributing resources, coming up with a time frame, and the other basic tenets of project planning. Because these projects each have a more narrowly defined focus, more micromanagement is necessary in this initial stage.


Bringing Projects Together


The second phase of planning involves bringing all of these individual projects together and making them a part of the program as a whole. Because the scopes of some projects may overlap, this usually involves a second round of planning for these projects in order to more efficiently integrate them into the program. As a result, resource allocation and schedules will necessarily have to be adjusted.


Program Planning


The third stage of program planning is essential to program success. This stage takes a more macro view of the projects, which now have been aligned to the goal of the program. It looks for any inconsistencies or areas where problems could potentially arise. It gives a holistic view of the program and how the various projects work together, and provides a easy to digest view of this for program managers.


program planning

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