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Acquiring and maintaining government contracts provides a significant source of revenue for many private sector enterprises. Countless government agencies have a huge need for the services of private businesses, and the market for government contracts is enormous.


However, navigating the complex world of government contracts is no simple task. Add in the fact that you’re competing against other businesses for the contracts you want, and Federal acquisitions can be time-consuming, and a drain on your resources.


This is where DHA comes in. We have many years of experience helping private sector enterprises acquire and keep important government contracts. Our “cradle-to-grave” approach helps guide you through the entire process from beginning to end.


We can assist in the creation of Pre-Award Documents, including:


Acquisition Plans


Statements of Work/Objectives


Source Selection Plans


Independent Government Cost Estimates


Sole Source Justifications and Approvals


Determinations and Findings


Requests for Information/Quote/Proposal


Evaluation Score Sheets, Evaluation Reports, Award De-briefings


Assistance with Post-Award Contract Management


Performing Invoice Review and Verification


Drafting Official Contract Correspondence


Documenting Vendor Performance


Tracking Contract Expenditures


Supporting Contract Modifications


For all of your acquisition management needs, trust an organization that has been helping private sector businesses in the world of government contracts since 1994.


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