Cyber Attack Highlights Importance of Cyber Security


Cyber attacks have become commonplace in today’s digital sphere, a fact that serves to underscore the importance of a coordinated cyber security strategy for any operation. A reminder of this came this week as a hacker group based in Tunisia made public its intent to begin a cyber attack on banks and airport computer systems in the United States.


The group, known as The Tunisian Hackers Team, took credit for a previously attempted attack on U.S.-based banks in 2013, and this week plans to attempt new cyber attacks on more banks. The group is demanding that the U.S. remove its military presence from several countries in the Middle East.


According to the Steven Stalinksky, Executive Director of the Middle East Media Research Institute, the hackers capabilities are unknown, but should be taken seriously and suggest that more cyber attacks from hacker groups based in the area are imminent. Quoted in Homeland Security Today, Stalinksy noted:


It’s unclear how strong the THT’s capabilities really are – but their warning that they will be working to gain control of American airport computer and communication systems should be taken seriously by homeland security officials. These types of threats by Middle East and South Asia cybergroups are the new norm and will only be increasing in the future.


Cyber security is critical for any sensitive operation where asset protection is of the highest importance. DHA provides ISO, network and physical security, critical infrastructure protection, as well as risk and vulnerability management through penetration testing in order to safeguard the IT aspects of your operation. Cyber security will only continue to grow in importance, which is why it’s important to take preventative measures now and provide the maximum protection available for your operation. Contact us today for more information.


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